Aramam sormam bir daha

Then he would return cautiously, and peep from a distance to see if every thing was secure, but the sight of the aramam sormam bir daha would again call forth his indignation. Ay, there they stand, would he say, always looking, and looking, and looking, just where they should aramam sormam bir daha. Confound them. they are just like all their sex; if they have not tongues to tattle with, theyll be sure to do it with their eyes. At length, to his relief, the long anxious day drew to a close. The sound of footsteps was no longer heard in the echoing halls of the Alhambra; the last stranger passed the threshold, the great portal was barred and bolted, and the bat and the frog and the hooting owl gradually resumed their nightly vocations in the deserted palace. Lope Sanchez waited, however, until the night was far advanced before he ventured with his little daughter to the hall of the two nymphs.
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